Wednesday 31st January 2018 – A piece of wood

You would not believe how excited a human can get about a piece of wood. Oh I know that’s a bit rich coming from a dog who loves any and every stick as though it were made of gold, but this is different. She doesn’t even want the piece of wood for herself. She has no plan to chew on it or have it thrown for her to bring back and yet she is still excited to find what she wanted and will collect it this afternoon. The whole story is that in our front garden there was a conifer that was more of a bush than a tree. However when it was being removed our Mistress hit on an idea. She had to stop feeding the birds in the back garden, because Shadow would lie in wait and kill them and given that our Mistress is not in favour of any sort of blood sport that was something she was less than happy with. Anyway, when she saw the tree stump she hit on an idea. What if she were to have a bird table in the front garden and it was made out of the stump with a large disk of a tree trunk on the top as the table? The plants that have gone in around it on the front are all ones attractive to bees and butterflies and now she’s doing something for the birds as well. She asked about a piece of tree in the garden centre and they gave her the number of a man… you know how it goes. So, this afternoon she is off to collect her slice of tree. The only thing then will be how she fastens the piece of tree to the base, so it could be some while yet before the birds actually get fed!

Have a good Wednesday


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  1. Mike says:

    Huh…women….? Am I allowed to say that these days?

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