Thursday 8th February 2018 – Boy am I in trouble!

I don’t know what came over me. I think maybe I was trying to take Mum’s mind off worrying about Alfie, but that may just be an excuse. There she was yesterday going for a shower as normal. There I was stretched out on her bed putting my paws up and then it was just like this little demon inside me. Mum’s Ikea cuddly version of us was on the bed where it always is and I just thought ‘Why should you always get to be on the bed when I’m sometimes told I can’t?’ I did only intend to take him off the bed. Really, I did. I was just going to put him outside the bathroom door for when she came out. I did that once before too and it was quite funny as it was like there were three of us waiting for her instead of just me and Alfie. Anyway, things went a bit wrong this time. I picked him up by his tail and had two thoughts. Firstly, he was quite good at swinging round and secondly his tail was quite chewy. Well, to cut a long story short I did a bit of both of those things and he just sort of came apart in my paws. Ok, I chewed right through his tail. Are you happy now you’ve got the full confession out of me? For the record, I’m supposed to be getting a needle and thread and repairing him, but quite honestly, with these paws? I was told off in no uncertain terms and have had some of my privileges removed until I show that I’ve understood what I’ve done wrong and assure Mum I won’t do anything like that again. Ok, so that’s going to happen!

Aristotle is also not in Mum and Dad’s good books. He’s upped his terms for going into his crate quietly and no long accepts a couple of pieces of food as payment. He did raise it to a third of a Bonio, but Mum has run out of those so he says he won’t go in for less than a dried fish. This one could run and run.

We’ll let you know how Alfie gets on tomorrow. We’re all crossing our paws for him.


Wild Wilma

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4 Responses to Thursday 8th February 2018 – Boy am I in trouble!

  1. Gill Wiltshire says:

    Oh dear Wilma. Sammi says she knows the feeling well and you just can’t stop yourself. But with that look you won’t be in trouble for long.
    Thinking of Alfie today and hope all goes well. Sending him more cuddles. xxxxx

    • Wilma Dog says:

      I was forgiven eventually! Now Alfie is making lots of noise complaining he hasn’t been fed. He even offered to eat my breakfast, but I wasn’t prepared to share.

  2. Katy Long says:

    Oh Wilma!

    I think Elliot must be in cahoots with Aristotle at the moment. Extensive negotiations and food bargaining now seem to be required to get him to go into his crate.

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