Deep Feelings – Wednesday 14th February 2018

Dogs have deep feelings

Today is Valentine’s Day. It might be one of those human things designed to take your money, but it seems a good opportunity to talk about our feelings. Dogs have deep feelings too. There I’ve said it. I know boys don’t really talk like that, but I’m old and it’s excusable. We feel many of the same things you do. We feel love. We feel adoration. We feel sadness. Humans are not so very different, except in their arrogance at believing they are unique. You only have to look at Aristotle’s face when he gazes at our Mistress to realise just how deep his feelings are for her. I guess I might look much the same but I don’t see my own face.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Bella

In my whole life there has only been one girl dog who I have fallen in love with. I was about seven or eight before that happened too. Oh I’ve had female friends and even now Wilma and I are very close, but I’ve only gone starry eyed over one other dog ever. My beloved Bella. I don’t know what it is about Bella, but she made me feel safe. She made me feel good about being me. I wish I could have spent much more of my life around her, but she lives a long way away and I don’t travel well now. Anyway, I just want to wish her a very happy Valentine’s Day.

Thinking of My Mum

I can’t talk about the depth of our feelings without mentioning my lovely old Mum, Anka vom Bogenthal. Our Mistress said she has never heard a more pitiful wail than when I said goodbye to my Mum, the very last time I saw her. Maybe I sensed it was going to be the last time we were together, I don’t know, but I loved my old Mum and it was hard to say goodbye to her.

Take time today

So today, while you humans are taking time to tell your human loved ones how much they mean to you, take the time to tell your dogs too. Whilst you’re at it, listen to your dog and let them tell you how much you mean to them.

With all my love


Ps – we’re still waiting for the abscess!

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