Alfie’s Abscess – Saturday 17th February 2018

Alfie’s Abscess

Well a week has gone by since he came off his antibiotics and finally Alfie’s abscess looks as though it is coming back. The whole idea was that he would need his MRI scan on a convenient weekday. I have not spoken to our Mistress yet today, so I don’t know if she thinks she is going to have to call the vets today or whether we have a little longer to wait. Poor old Alfie is feeling quite miserable. He doesn’t really want it to have to get any worse before it’s sorted out, but does understand he has no choice. Our Mistress has asked us all to be especially nice to him at the moment.

Health Survey

It’s ironic that our Mistress has to fill in our Club’s health surveys on all of us too. She says it won’t take long for the one about me, even though I have a bad leg. It won’t take long for the one for Shadow, even though she’s had 22 puppies. It won’t take long for the one about Wilma, even though she has a heart murmur. Then there is Alfie! That one could take a liitle longer to fill in.

What else is new?

It’s a funny time of year really. It’s not quite winter and it’s not quite spring. The crocusses are not quite out. The birds are not quite nesting. The weather is not quite warm enough. I think it should be renamed the ‘Not quite’ season. I can’t decide if I want to get excited because spring will be here soon or depressed that it’s still quite cold outside. Wilma is never down. She is ready to bounce come rain or shine. I wonder if I was ever like that or if I’ve always been a little less bouncy. I’m not as happy go lucky as my mother. Shadow treats every day as though it is going to be the most exciting ever. She’s the happiest dog I know even if she doesn’t really like me!

Anyway, have a great Not Quite Saturday



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