What a day – Friday 9th March 2018

What a Day

What a day yesterday was. Remind me not to have breakfast at 5am again. It left me far too hungry later on. I was as good as gold on the train. No sooner had we got on than the snow started, but thankfully it didn’t slow us down. Everything went to plan and it was exciting to see my friends when we arrived. Mum told me it didn’t matter how well I did in the show ring as she would be taking the best dog home, no matter what. I may have taken her words a little too literally.

In the show ring

First of all Buddy was competing against Basil. Buddy won. Then Izzy and Sybil had their turns. Izzy got too excited and just wanted to go and see her mum, so Sybil won. Then I was up against Lia. Oh dear. Lia looked great. Me on the other paw, well I pretended I was just there to have fun and was also desperate to run back out of the ring to find Mum. It was an easy win for Lia, but then Mum did say that Lia was looking very good so would probably have won anyway.

Lia went on to beat Sybil, but lost to Buddy who took best of breed. I do still have a very pretty blue rosette but Mum says she’s not sure I deserve it.

Discover Dogs

Then I went to lend a paw on the Discover Dogs stand. That’s where I get to meet my public and tell them what we are like to live with. Well, normally it is me that people want their photograph with, but this year was different. People kept wanting their photo taken with Mum because of the book she has written about us. Given it’s us who feature in the book, I really don’t understand. We look so much better than she does too.

Anyway, today is a rest day for a short while. Then I want a long walk before heading back to do my stints on the stand tomorrow and Sunday.

See you soon



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2 Responses to What a day – Friday 9th March 2018

  1. Dickens says:

    Hi, Well done to all the Entlebuchers at Crufts. It was great to see Buddy in the group on the TV. At last more people will know all about us and how lovely we are -even when we are up to mischief!”!!! I have just been out and found a bone in the garden. I do not know whose it is or how it got there but it is mine now and I am enjoying it.
    Mum has not been in bed much as Darwin has had a bad night. A man is coming today to take down the old shed so that should be fun. Have a nice rest Wilma and do us proud when you do your next stints on the stand. Lots of love DarwinXXXX

    • Wilma Dog says:

      Thank you all. Sorry your Mum has had a bad night. We’re really tired today but thankfully Mum says fresh air will be a good cure, so we’re looking forward to a good walk.
      Lots of love

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