Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – Saturday 10th March 2018

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Well it turns out that the saying Let sleeping dogs lie was said for good reason and was probably first said by a dog! Mum certainly found how to tire me out. My long day on Thursday with the train journeys at both ends and a whole load of excitement in the middle has left me wanting to sleep for days. Yesterday I barely moved from my chair, except to go out for a walk which Mum insisted would do us both good. I didn’t even bother to follow her round the house as I normally would. She even asked me at one point if I was going down with something. All I said was ‘pot calling the kettle black!’ She knew what I meant.

I didn’t even want to get up this morning, but I’ve got excitement ahead so I’m working up to it.

We were supposed to travel down yesterday, but Mum has a chat with me and we both voted for a night in her own bed. It has just meant another early start, but to be honest we’re both better at those than the late nights.

New Bowl

I am allowed to do just a little shopping while we are there. We are going to look for a new travel bowl. I really don’t know how the old one split. Mum thinks it may have been been I trod on it and put my claw through it, but I can’t think that’s what led to all the water coming out of the bottom. She found out when we left the Discover dogs stand yesterday with a full bowl to empty and arrived at the outside to tip it out with an empty bowl and Mum having a wet leg where it had been dripping. It didn’t go down well when I laughed!

Well I’m off to get in the car to snooze my way to Birmingham. It’s a good job Mum knows the route and doesn’t need me for map reading.



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