Neighbours – Monday 9th April 2018


I met some of our neighbours yesterday. It all started when Timmy came and sat outside the front door and stared in. I was beside myself. I should perhaps explain that Timmy is a cat. Anway, later on Mum and I were going outside and met Timmy’s human, which is how we got to find out he was called Timmy as except for a broad smile he didn’t actually say anything to me. Mum talked to the human for a while but I was just too focussed on Timmy. Our house is great from being a watch dog point of view. There are just so many windows and you can see out in all directions including quite a long way of the surrounding area.

The Village

Then there was our walk to the village. We won’t be going that way again in a hurry. So that we didn’t walk along the road, which had lots of motorbikes enjoying the fun of driving there, Mum took a footpath to the village. I was fine, but with Mum having been ill she is not completely strong yet and the path was very steep. We only got just over half way before Mum was doubled over begging me to stop. I offered to pull her, but she said she really needed a rest first. Once she’d got her breath back we carried on and the most exciting thing we found up there was some rabbits. I was very excited, but Mum told me I had to leave them exactly where I’d found them in the people’s garden and I wasn’t allowed even a little nibble.


It’s really funny here, as people recognise what I am. I met some people with an Appenzeller and we talked for a while. Well I shouted more than talked, but it had been an exciting day which was only marred by having to unpack and build furniture. Mum says we can do even more of that again today. Aren’t I a lucky dog? Or at least I thought I was until she said it was the furniture bit we can do again, rather than the cat, dog and rabbits!

Love Wilma

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2 Responses to Neighbours – Monday 9th April 2018

  1. Em and Olie says:

    If they don’t recognize you there, they’re not going to recognize you anywhere!!!
    You are so lucky to be moving to such a gorgeous place! The scenery looks lovely.

    • Wilma Dog says:

      It is lovely here – there are sticks and muck and cats and all the things I love most. I don’t get so much from looking at the mountains as Mum seems to, but I do enjoy walking in sunshine one minute and rolling in snow the next.

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