Mama Susie – Thursday 12th April 2018

Mama Susie

Mama Susie

Mama Susie

This is my mama Susie. Isn’t she beautiful? They say that girls become more like their mamas as they get older and I’ll be very happy if I do. Everyone says I look quite like her now, which is lovely. It was so nice to see her yesterday and I shall see her again tomorrow. I’m going to really miss her when I go back to England, but at least I know I can visit her again soon.

We saw Valeria’s puppies again too. I was a little braver this time as Valeria said it was ok for me to spend some time with them as long as I didn’t get carried away. They are lovely puppies and I’m very lucky to have such nice nieces and nephews.


We rang Alfie to see how he was and I’m pleased to say he says he’s feeling much better and looking forward to seeing us soon. It will be lovely to see him. I miss Ari and Shadow too, but not as much as I miss Alfie. He’s been my buddy right from when I left Switzerland and I’ve got so much to tell him about our trip. I want him to feel he’s part of it, even though he can’t come.

Building Furniture

I’m pleased to say we finished the bed. Mum installed the tv and set up the computer as well. The boys helped build another bed and a bookcase, so there are fewer things left to do today. I think I have to help with a bookcase and two bedside cabinets today. We don’t really want to do anymore, but Mum says I have to. I think we’re going back to England for a rest. The worrying thing is that whatever we haven’t finished may still be waiting for Mum to build next time we come. I think she’d be happier if everything was finished so we didn’t have to work so hard next time.

Love Wilma

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