Lost Voice – Tuesday 17th April 2018

Lost Voice

Well it’s Wilma here again today. Alfie is claiming that as he’s lost his voice for some reason he can’t type his diary. I think he just wants another day off! As to what has caused his lost voice, Mum is guessing that he may have been barking too much. She is giving him a warm honey drink and some sympathy anyway. He sounds really weird. When he barks it’s quite quiet and low and not at all like his old loud rumbling bark that could make you jump a mile if you were too close to it. On the bright side, it does mean things are a bit quieter on his kennel return than normal. He says he’s really tired too so we’re all hoping that he’s ok and not going down with something.

Nicked Ear

Ari and Shadow had a bit of a disagreement over something in kennels and Shadow is sporting a nick on the edge of her ear. Ari is certainly one brave dog to have done that to his mother and we can only wonder what had happened before that to drive him to it. Neither one of them is preparaed to disclose the whole story, so Mum is guessing there was probably fault on both sides. To be honest, Shadow must have been well and truly in the wrong, otherwise she would have torn him limb from limb for doing something like that to her. Maybe she’s mellowing in her old age, but somehow I just can’t see it.


Alfie is supposed to be going swimming, but Mum says she’ll see how he is and may take Aristotle instead. I think he’d appreciate a quiet day all things considered and that’s not just a reference to his lack of bark!

Love Wilma

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