Puppies – Wednesday 2nd January 2019


I saw my sister Valeria yesterday. She’s expecting puppies this weekend. She is looking so well and says she feels great. She has had an x-ray and we were trying to work out exactly how many she’s going to have. We think it will be seven. I’m crossing my paws and everything for her. She’s done it all before so she says she is feeling quite calm at the moment. Mama Susi is looking forward to being a grandma again and says she’s glad it is not her having all the sleepless nights. I shan’t be able to see the puppies before I set off on my travels again, but I’ve promised to come back to see them when they are old enough to be greeted by their proud aunt.

me, Valeria and Mama Susi


Yesterday morning when we went up my mountain, Mum had said she thought the weather would clear. Oh how wrong she was. I could hardly see my paw in front of my face when I got up there. It’s still a lovely walk but I think I prefer it when it’s sunny. We had another walk in the afternoon and it was lovely where we were but then the fog suddenly started rolling down the hill opposite and over the lake. It was amazing to watch. Dad said it was the start of the Zombie Apocalypse but I think he was just trying to worry me. Mum said it was just fog. I’ve not been out yet today, but the forecast said it was going to snow so I’m feeling a little bit excited.

Me and Mama Susi – Mum says we look alike

Last Day of Holidays

I’m not heading back to England yet, but today is the last day of the holidays. Dad has to go back to work tomorrow and some of the family are flying home. We will still go out for some nice walks, but Mum says she’s going to have to spend more time working too, which is a bit of a shame. At least I get to enjoy being here a bit longer before we have to do our long journey home.



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