A Hard Day – Sunday 20th May 2019

A Hard Day

Yesterday was a hard day. It didn’t get off to a good start as Alfie wasn’t feeling so good. He went into a very deep sleep and then woke up too late to get himself outside to the toilet. Mum was great about it, but Alfie was beside himself upset at what had happened and really wasn’t at his best the rest of the day. Then of course, it was the day that Dad had to go back to Switzerland, so we were all feeling pretty down. He’s told me to look after Mum, but he knows I’ll do that without needing to be told. Our maternal human grandad is not well either and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance, so with one thing and another we were all feeling very low. Dad then found that the person who booked his flight had booked it for the wrong date, but thankfully they did have space on the plane so he was still able to travel. He said it was a good job as he’d run out of clean underwear!

Shadow keeping an eye on Alfie yesterday

A Long Walk

Once she came back from dropping Dad, Mum asked if I’d mind going with her for a long walk. She thought it might cheer her up. It didn’t. On the bright side though it was probably good for both of us. She says she wishes we’d got our new chair as what she could really do with is snuggling up in it. That is something I really wouldn’t complain about.


Alfie is seeing his physio today. He’s quite excited about it. He can’t wait to show her how much difference the turmeric has made. Actually, I don’t think that’s the only reason he’s excited. He took quite a shine to her and I think he might have a bit of a crush.

Have a great Monday


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