I love My Dad – Thursday 22nd August 2019

I love my Dad

It’s fair to say I love my Dad. I think I love him more and more with having times apart from him. I always go to the station with Mum to collect him. We have a routine and I understand how it all works. This time they’d changed the platform his train was coming in to and I just didn’t know which way to look to make sure I saw him first. I kept swivelling my head left and right not wanting to risk missing him. It’s not fair as Mum is taller than me so she said ‘I can see him’ long before I could. Once I got my paws on him it was wonderful and I hugged and kissed him as much as any dog could. So much so that lots of people were stopping and looking at us and saying how lovely it was.


As time goes by and I realise how much I need to make the most of the times that Dad is here, some decisions get harder. There were a couple of times where he was in one room and Mum then was going upstairs and I had to decide whether to stay with him or go with Mum. There was one point I just couldn’t make my mind up. First of all I started to follow Mum and then I changed my mind and stayed back with Dad. Then thought I should have gone with Mum as she’s useless on her own so ran after her.

Cuddles in bed

The best bit about Dad being here is getting back into bed with him when Mum goes for a shower in the morning. Before Mum went into the shower she took our photo together.

When she came out we were still cuddled up so she took another one.

I think we’d probably both have stayed there all day if Mum hadn’t insisted we get up. She can be mean like that.

Have a lovely Thursday



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