Will someone tell her it’s November – Tuesday 5th November 2019

Someone tell her it’s November

Will someone tell her it’s November? Mum has only gone and started ‘spring cleaning’. I blame the Scouts myself. They put a leaflet through the door saying they are collecting for a sale. I knew I should have eaten the leaflet, but Alfie got to it first and he, being the good boy he is, gave it straight to Mum. To be fair she said she already knew, so eaten or buried wouldn’t have made a lot of difference. Now she is starting her long awaited clear out with the intention of finding some things they can sell.

On the bright side, she does seem to be eliminating some of our competition and there is a big stuffed hedgehog waiting to be taken to their collecting point. I’m just wondering what else she is going to find and had wondered about offering a paw, just so I can have first dibs on anything worth running off with. I also want to make sure that nothing of mine goes onto the pile.

Snow Forecast

Not here, but in Switzerland, snow is forecast this week. Dad didn’t get chance to have his winter tyres put on the car before he came home so I hope there isn’t too much. Having said that, I also thought I’d like to go back with him so I can see it. I’ve suggested to Mum that we could bring our next trip forward, but she says I have to be patient. She’s no fun. I’m going to start watching the webcams on my mountain so I can see the first snow arrive. Mum has now got some snow shoes so hopefully we will really be able to make the most of it when we go.

Just so you don’t need to do it yourself, I’ve checked all the local webcams and I can’t find any snow anywhere yet. I’ll tell you when I can.



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