Happy Blogaversary – Thursday 23rd January 2020

Happy Blogaversary

Well Happy Blogaversary to Alfie’s Diary. It was fourteen years ago today when Alfie first put paw to keyboard. He was just a ten week old puppy back then and finding life with his new family very strange indeed. Almost everything he did was new, from going with Mum to the car motor testing station, to going to the pet shop. He met lots of new animals, some he made friends with and others he didn’t. He still tells the story of his dreadful Jack Russel encounter when he was sixteen weeks old. You can tell by how he shudders at the thought that it scarred him for life.

Mum tells the story of his attempted reprisals against a different Jack Russell in a holiday park when Alfie was bigger and should have known better, and she shudders when she tells that one. That involved the dog being picked up by the owner and Alfie, having escaped from where they were staying, jumping up the man to get the dog. The man then shouted at poor Mum who was left very upset.

Alfie showing his excitement about his anniversary

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Anyway, over the years Alfie’s Diary has been listed as one of the top blogs in a number of places, including being counted as a top ten UK Pet Blog by Vuelio for the last three successive years. Not bad when he only started his diary to note down all the things he thought about when growing up.

There are a number of people who now share their lives with one of our breed as a result of following Alfie. It’s quite an accolade to live up to. I feel honoured that Alfie trusts me to continue his work. Of course, I do occasionally let Ari get near the keyboard too – but not often.

I’ve suggested to Mum that we should have steak all round to celebrate. Now I just need to get her to buy some.



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