Sense of Smell – Sunday 29th March 2020

Sense of Smell

Sense of smell is so important. We sometimes tell you about things our friends at Medical Detection Dogs are doing. At the moment they are doing something truly amazing to try to help you humans. They are trying to see if the dogs can be trained to sniff out the CoronaVirus. What an amazing achievement that would be. You can read more about it HERE. They need your donations too if you can possibly spare them a few pence.

Human Smell

While we are on the subject, when Mum and I were having a cuddle earlier she got all sad. She had buried her nose into my coat and I thought we were having a lovely cuddle, when she suddenly said ‘You don’t smell like Alfie.’ Well no, I don’t. I smell like me. Anyway, the moment was spoiled because she started thinking about how much she misses Alfie and how she loved his smell. Mum has a much more efficient sense of smell than most humans. Dad says it’s her superpower. None of us smells in the sense of a bad odour, but we each have our own individual small signature and Mum used to love the smell of Alfie.

I guess it’s a bit like me hating her wearing perfume. I like Mum to smell natural and if she puts perfume on then I lick it off at the first opportunity.


We’ve all been making the most of the daffodil smells in the garden. We have to be careful there are no bees when we go to sniff. I don’t want a stung nose. Now there are tulips starting to come out and blossom on the cherry tree. It really is quite nice just pottering round them all having a good sniff. Another day or two and the magnolia will be out too.



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