Aristotle’s Leg – Tuesday 21st April 2020

Aristotle’s leg

Well, Aristotle’s leg isn’t getting any better. He isn’t complaining, but he’s struggling to put any weight on it. He would never ask for anything, but Mum has realised that he absolutely needs to go to see the specialist. The good news is that he has an appointment for tomorrow. The bad news as far as he is concerned is that means he won’t get breakfast tomorrow. The bad news from Mum, given that she is isolating, is that she has to go for an hour’s drive each way to take him.

Given that it is very likely he will need an operation she is likely to have to travel 2 days running. That will also mean she has to go to the petrol station. However, she has made clear to all of us and that our needs come first. She is making sure that she hasn’t drunk any coffee before she goes. She said she doesn’t want to need the toilet.

Being competitive

Dad is being competitive over our daily walk. He isn’t happy to spend his time sniffing the verge as we go along. He has now decided that every day we need to go a little faster than the day before. I don’t think he meant quite as fast as I wanted to go when I saw the pheasant. Unfortunately, he was prepared and had a tight hold of my lead. I do find catching Mum out easier, as half the time she is busy daydreaming. There was more traffic along the road today, so mum has suggested we do a different walk from tomorrow. Some of it will be along the road, that we will also get to walk where there is no traffic. I might even ask Mum to take my ball.



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