Cruciate Ligament – Thursday 23rd April 2020

Cruciate Ligament

It turns out that Aristotle’s cruciate ligament is completely torn. He hasn’t complained but has been quite uncomfortable. Mum took him to the specialist yesterday and was given three options. One was to do nothing and give him total rest for a long time for him to heal to some extent. Secondly he could have the cruciate itself repaired, but that might lead to a problem again later. Finally, he could have an operation which rebuilds the joint and bypasses the need for the ligament. That’s the one he’s having. We don’t know how he’s getting on at the moment. Mum is waiting to hear when she can bring him home. When he does come home he will need to have lots of rest until he’s better.

Girls just want to have fun

With only me and Shadow at home, we’ve rather made the most of it. Basically we can run riot and we don’t wind any other dogs up. We annoy the humans, but that’s our job. We can beg at dinner together, which we both enjoy. We even both got to watch television last night, which was huge fun. To be fair we might have dozed a bit, but no one minded. I know I’m going to hate it when Dad goes back, but I’m really close to Mum too. Shadow has a real bond with Dad that she and Mum don’t have. She’s going to hate it when he goes back to Switzerland. Mum has promised to try to include her more often, but it still won’t be the same for her.


With Aristotle out of action for a while, it does mean my job of helping in the garden will continue for a while longer. I think I have to help with more vegetable planting this weekend. Mum said something about beans, but I wasn’t really listening. I was just thinking of the sticks I could find to chew.



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4 Responses to Cruciate Ligament – Thursday 23rd April 2020

  1. em says:

    Hope all goes well for Aristotle.

  2. Maria Kinnersley says:

    Hi there Wilma,
    Can you send Aristotle all the best from me? Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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