Alfie Dog Award – Sunday 26th April 2020

Alfie Dog Award

If you remember, in his will Alfie set up for an award to be given in his memory each year. It is for the dog who has contributed most to the breed in the UK in that year. Today would have been our Club AGM and Fun Day. Mum would have been presenting the award. Obviously, at the moment that is not possible. Instead she has written a piece for our Club newsletter. I asked if I could print it for all of you today.

In Alfie’s Honour

As Alfie was such an important part of establishing the breed in the UK, I wanted to do something that would mean he would be remembered for years to come. I have therefore set up an award in his honour. Under normal circumstances it will be awarded at the AGM in April and is for the dog who has made an outstanding contribution to the breed in the previous year.

The trophy will be held by the recipient for the year and their name engraved on it.

Alfie Bangwood

Sian and Buddy (Alfie Bangwood)

I am delighted to say that for 2020 the trophy has been awarded to Buddy (Alfie Bangwood). I don’t think many of us had dry eyes when he was pulled out into the shortlist of the Working Group at Crufts. What an incredible achievement for the breed and the first Import Register dog to be shortlisted at Crufts in any group. Watching Buddy, you would not think he had been rehomed when young. Sian Baynton has done the most amazing job of his show training. Together they have done a great deal to promote the breed.

Well done Buddy

It only remains for me to say well done to Buddy. He’s a great dog and I’m really pleased for him.



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