Self-Harm – Wednesday 29th April 2020


Aristotle has resorted to self-harming. When Mum went to get him up yesterday morning, not only had he eaten his wound dressing but he’s also tried to remove his own stitches. Given his wound is only just beginning to heal, it wasn’t his brightest idea. As you might imagine there was a certain amount of blood around. Mum panicked as any loving mother does. Even thought it was before 7am, she rang upstairs to Dad and asked him to come downstairs to sit with Aristotle and make sure he left his wound alone. In the meantime Mum rang the vet and went to throw some clothes on. Aristotle was at the vet’s by 7.30am to be sewn back together.

Cone of shame

He is now sporting a cone of shame and is very very miserable. Fortunately, his new big crate arrived yesterday so both he and the cone fit. It all means he will be longer before his stitches can come out, so he really hasn’t helped himself. Mum is now waiting to find out when the wound dressing will reappear and which way it will go!

Video star

In the meantime, I’m looking to become a video star. Normally, before people join the puppy waiting list they have to meet a dog and owner. Obviously at the moment that isn’t possible. They are still going to have to do that before they can have a puppy, but to help answer questions in the meantime I’m going to start doing calls using Zoom so they can meet me and ask about our breed. Shadow has asked if she can take part too, which might be fun. We have a number of people to meet, so it could all get quite busy and exciting.

I really don’t think they should meet Aristotle at the moment. He’s not looking his best, bless him. He’ll be better when he’s back to his happy smiley self.


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