Aristotle – Thursday 21st May 2020


Well, Aristotle is cone free and beginning to use his leg a little more. I don’t want to speak too soon, but hopefully he has now turned a corner and can start his recovery properly. He has to go for x rays in four weeks. Mum has no idea how that will work as he will be there for a couple of hours. Given she is not supposed to be going out, having to drive an hour each way and do something for a couple of hours while he is being x rayed is going to present a challenge. If Dad is still here then he may do it all, but we don’t know if he will be around then or not. It makes me wish they’d let me drive.

Lovely weather

Aristotle is fed up that he is missing out on the lovely weather. Of course, he is having nice little walks in the garden, but that isn’t the same as being able to potter round on his own. He is still on a lead so only goes where Mum lets him and he says that is spoiling a lot of the fun.

It was so warm yesterday that I really wished our new paddling pool had arrived, but it won’t come until June. My new Boomer ball has come, so I can play with it in the pool, but I don’t really fancy it without the pool.

Dog beds

Mum has been reorganising some of the house. One of the best things she’s done is to move my old raised bed to the office, right in front of her desk. She put it there because Shadow is a bit upset at the moment and Mum thought she might like it. Shadow is not completely convinced but I love it being there. Of course, Shadow might have been happier if I hadn’t jumped out of it on one occasion and scooted it across the floor. Now she thinks it is dangerous and has a mind of its own.



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