Little Alfie’s First Post – Thursday 25th June 2020

Little Alfie’s First Post

Well, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be brining you little Alfie’s first post. He had to leave living with his Mama and brothers and sisters a couple of days ago so that he could look after his new human family. It’s a big job for any puppy, but he’s rising to the challenge. He had to be in the car for five hours to get to his new home. That’s a long way when you’re only 8 weeks old. He had a little cry when he waved goodbye to his mama but then settle down to sleep snuggled up to one of his new humans.

He was very good, and didn’t need to stop for toilets the whole way home.


I think calling him Alfie will have helped, as Mum says Alfie was just the same when he was a puppy. Anyway, little Alfie went to bed that night at about 11. He did have a little cry as everything was strange, but then he was very brave and settled down to sleep until 5 in the morning when he was definitely ready to go outside, but hadn’t had any accidents in the night.

Building a bond

He’s already getting close to his new humans and is quite certain that their training won’t take him too long. He is using reward based training with them, which we all find generally works. As long as the humans do exactly what we want them to, we show them some affection and they lap it up. He’s got four humans to train, two adults and two smaller humans and he says he thinks he’s going to enjoy every minute of it.

I shall let you know how he’s doing soon.


Aristotle and Shadow can’t stop being excited. Mum has told them she has booked for them to go swimming next week. It has been so long since any of us has been anywhere very exciting, it’s a real treat for them. It will work as it did for me going to day care yesterday. When we get there, we wait outside while Mum moves away from us. Then we are shown in and can relax until collection time.

My trip yesterday was funny though. It’s been so long since Mum used the car that the tyres showed as needing some more air in them. She was good and sorted it out before coming to pick me up. The last thing we want is any problems.



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  1. Maria Kinnersley says:

    Little Alfie looks so cute.

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