Birthday Girl – Saturday 25th July 2020

Birthday Girl

It’s me. I’m the birthday girl. I’m five today. Happy 5th birthday to my littermates too. I do hope you are all having a lovely day. And hi to Mama Susie in Switzerland. We miss you and would love to be there with you. Instead I’m having a quiet birthday celebration at home. I’m rather hoping my new collar will arrive, but Mum has told me that I may need to be patient. It was despatched on Thursday but is coming from Germany. I can’t wait to show you. In the meantime, I have to pretend that the squirrel feeder was for me, which, of course, you know it wasn’t!

Now I just need to find out if there are any plans for steak or a birthday cake. A party would be better, but sadly that will have to wait.

Some sort of order

Mum is trying to get some sort of order back into her days. I have to say, from what I’ve seen so far, I think we stand to benefit. She seems to have built more time in to be outside with us and less time for sitting at her desk. Sadly some of the time outside seems to be marked as ‘training’, but she has promised to make it fun. I’m all in favour of fun. The good thing is that we learn quickly so hopefully the actual boring bits can be kept to a minimum.

Ear drops

At the moment both Ari and Shadow have slightly gunged up ears. Mum has been applying ear drops religiously but it doesn’t seem to be solving the problem. Now it is getting to the point where they are so fed up with the process that she only has to pick the ear drops up before they shake their heads imagining what is going to happen next. It is certainly making me plan to keep my ears nice and clean.



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6 Responses to Birthday Girl – Saturday 25th July 2020

  1. Dickens says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wilma!! I cannot believe you are 5yrs. I hope you have a lovely day and have some birthday treats. Lots of love Dickens and all the family XXXXXX

  2. Bernie and Deborah says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILMA !!! It’s great being 5 years old, I just turned 5 the other day and had an exciting adventure to the Lake District, socially distanced of course. Enjoy your special day xx

    • Wilma Dog says:

      Oh that does sound fun. We’re not going anywhere and it’s driving me mad. I’ve got Mum though and I suppose if I have to choose…
      Have a lovely day and thank you

  3. Susi says:

    Happy happy birthday, Wilma, lots of kisses from your mama Susi and the Swiss family <3

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