Sad Day – Wednesday 29th July 2020

Sad day

Yesterday was a sad day and I promise none of it was my fault. As you will have gathered Mum loves the local wildlife. We like it best if we can chase it, but only Shadow has every actually killed anything. Anyway, Mum and Dad have both enjoyed watching a pair of pigeons for the last few months. They have been nesting in a tree by the office. Sometimes, they have their lovers’ tiffs and make up. They look all affectionate and strut up to each other during courtship. They really had become part of our odd little family.


At 11.02 yesterday, a large bird of prey took one of them out of the sky and brought them down in our garden. How do we know the time? Mum has a camera that she can see through an app on her phone. After she found the body, or at least the headless corpse, she wanted to know what hat happened. It’s just a shame the image wasn’t good enough for her to see what type of bird of prey it was. It turns out I disturbed it, after it had been eating for nearly a quarter of an hour. I promise I didn’t do anything. Even on a diet I didn’t fancy raw pigeon, well not one I knew anyway.

Mum disposed of the body, but was really quite upset. She keeps thinking about the remaining lonely pigeon and wondering if it will be ok.

Zooming again

I’m back to Zoom calls to introduce our breed. Aristotle has said he’d like to try doing some of them now he can get onto the settee but I don’t want to hand them over to him. I like sitting being cuddled by Mum. We can’t be trusted to do them together. Not least because I still can’t be trusted not to break him again. Maybe when he’s back up to full fitness we could try to share. He’s doing well but still has a bit of a limp and sits with his leg sticking out a bit.



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