Grief Counselling for Pigeons – Thursday 30th July 2020

Grief Counselling for Pigeons

We want to know how you go about providing grief counselling for pigeons. Mum is trying her best, but quite honestly I don’t think she knows the right thing to say. Pigeons mate for life. The one that’s left in our garden after the ‘incident’ of Tuesday, must be unhappy. It keeps sitting either on the tree where their nest was or overlooking the site of the decapitation. Mum has been talking to it, but I’m sure she’s not saying what it wants to hear. I do hope that it can find a new mate as it’s looking awfully sad up on the tree all alone.

Day care

I had a lovely day at day care yesterday. It does me so much good to get out once in a while. It’s not that I wouldn’t prefer to be with Mum, obviously I would, but I’d really like us to be going out and doing things. Shadow and Ari have always been happy to do nothing, but it’s not so much my style. I would love to be back travelling but that doesn’t look as though it’s going to be happening anytime soon. At least I’m getting one day in the week where I do something different.

Happy Birthday, Granny

I must remember to wish Granny a happy 87th birthday too. We really wish we could be going to see her, but that will have to wait too. Granny lives in one of the places that’s back in lockdown, so even if we could go out, we couldn’t go there.

My Birthday present

My birthday present arrived yesterday too. It was so exciting to open it. It even arrived wrapped in lovely star wrapping paper. Mum had to help me put it on, but I do think you’ll agree that it looks rather lovely. It has a tiny edelweiss charm on the tag ring too. I hope I don’t lose that anywhere as I really like it.



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2 Responses to Grief Counselling for Pigeons – Thursday 30th July 2020

  1. Dickens says:

    Hi Wilma, your collar looks very smart and it suits you. It completes the Swiss look perfectly! Glad you had a good time at day care. I am seeing my trainer today, like you I love to be out and about. Love yo you all Dickens XXXXX

    • Wilma Dog says:

      Thank you, it’s lovely isn’t it.
      Do have fun with the trainer. I think Mum is going to see if she can find more safe options for taking me out so I don’t go completely mad.

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