Table Manners – Sunday 2nd August 2020

Table Manners

Well it seems the squirrel needs to learn a few table manners. When we came down for breakfast yesterday Mum was delighted to see that our squirrel was using her little table. There was just one problem. She was sitting on the table to eat, rather than on the bench. We’d never be allowed to do that. He sat there and munched his way through a hazelnut or two. Mum just wished she’d had her camera set up and close enough to get a picture for you.

Johnny b Goode

Dad has fallen in love with little Johnny b Goode, my new nephew. He went to visit him again on Friday and they seem to be building a bit of a bond. Mum has very calmly told Dad that the positions of ‘pet’ are all currently taken in our household and we can’t have him. He’s already got a home to go to anyway. Dad says he thinks the people he goes to will be very lucky and very happy with their new family member.

Heart Test

I last had a heart test when I was two years old. The cardiologist said I should have a retest when I was five. Mum, being the way she is, kept a careful note. As it was my fifth birthday last week she has booked me in for my retest. She had hoped to take me back to the same person I saw before, but as they are in Switzerland and we can’t travel at the moment, that’s a bit difficult. I’m going to see Shadow’s cardiologist instead. Shadow says she’ll go with me so I don’t have to go in on my own. She’s going to have an up to date test done too. Mum has been a bit concerned about her recently so it seems like a good idea.



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2 Responses to Table Manners – Sunday 2nd August 2020

  1. Valeria says:

    Dear Wilma, younger sister of mine

    Yes, Dad was here and spent a pleasant evening with us and showed again how much he loves my puppies. And yes, these French people that will have Johnny are very lucky. But so, of course, are all the other people who ever get one of my puppies…


    PS: My son’s name is Johnny B. Goode. And here’s his music:

    • Wilma Dog says:

      Dearest sister, yes anyone is lucky to have your puppies but not as lucky as those who have Mama’s puppies. We are rather special.
      Thank you for cheering Dad up so much. Seeing you all really is good for him when I can’t be there to look after him.
      with all our love

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