Full of Love – Monday 7th September 2020

Full of Love

Yesterday I was so full of love I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I’d go to Daddy and give him a big cuddle and lick, so happy to have him around. Then I’d think, well, I’ve hugged Dad so I’d better hug Mum for good measure, so I’d rush up to her and hug her. She would tell me it was ok to make the most of Dad as we don’t get the chance all the time, so I’d run back to him and jump all over him. It was wonderful and exhausting all rolled into one. I might have inflicted a scratch or two as part of my enthusiasm but I think they forgave me for that.

For a short while I had to be restrained as Mum cut Dad’s hair and she didn’t think it was a good idea for me to jump on him while she had scissors in her hand. Fair point. She shouldn’t be allowed scissors at the best of times.


“When do you think you’ll be ready for us to have a puppy, Wilma?” What kind of question is that to ask a girl? On the one paw, it would be good to have a puppy around as I could do with someone to play with and neither Shadow or Aristotle appreciate my energy levels. On the other paw, Mum and I have got something special and I don’t think either of us really wants to have to share our time together with a puppy. It’s such a hard decision. I know I’d get most out of it while I’m young enough to really enjoy it but I don’t think I’m quite ready for it yet.

To be fair, three of us and Mum is probably enough. I know we can be a lot of work and Shadow and Ari do need their share of time. I think we should perhaps wait a while yet.

The question arose because Mum’s excited that my niece Sybil is going to be mating with Shadow’s son Leo, probably next week. It would be a lovely combination to have a puppy from as it would be closely related to all three of us. I hope everything goes really well for them. We are actually almost the top of the puppy list now, but someone else can have the opportunity this time.



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