Little Alfie is so Gorgeous – Wednesday 16th September 2020

Little Alfie is so Gorgeous

Well, little Alfie is so gorgeous. He probably doesn’t really fit in his chair anymore, but he just looks so cute. He doesn’t mind having his photo taken, but he’s like me when it comes to selfies and won’t oblige if his human is trying to join in. It’s just one of those dog things – don’t ask. He’s doing well at making sure his human doesn’t go too far away from him. The whole recall thing can be a nightmare to get them trained on, so well done Alfie.

Jumping Up

He is concerned that they don’t always appreciate the enthusiasm of his greetings. He feels that’s something they still need to work on together. Of course he wants to throw himself at them when he feels they’ve been away for a minute or more, but apparently that’s not ok.

He’s putting weight on nicely and is now 15.7kg. He’ll be overtaking me before he knows it.

Caring Dog

He’s a very caring dog. He always worries if someone is lying down that they might be injured, so he shouts very loudly to summon help. Humans can be so odd. They don’t always appreciate his concern. There was a man lying down reading a book, as it turned out. How was Alfie to know that? I sympathised with him. Mum has at least now learnt to thank me when I alert her to something. Then I feel I’ve done my job and can be quiet again.

Keep up the good work, pal.

Shadow is fine

Shadow had her scan. She is largely ok. There is some minor inflammation of her small intestine but that does not look serious. She does have some ‘blemishes’ on her spleen which will need looking at again in six weeks, but other than that it just seems to be she is proving very slow to get over her recent bout of pancreatitis. She has had blood tests which we won’t get the results of for a few days, but otherwise all seems well. Now we just need to get her eating properly again.



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