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There are many dogs called Alfie, but I am this particular Alfie. I’m Alfie Dog and I’ve been writing my thoughts on the world since January 2006. I only missed a day when my Mistress was in hospital and I’d forgotten the computer password. I wanted to ring her, but my Master said she wasn’t to be bothered for something as trivial as that. That’s one of the things with humans, something that is important to you as a dog may be trivial to them. Like napping, that’s another thing humans don’t always understand, but I digress.

Me practising the all important napping

I was born in Belgium, in a place called Moerbeke to a lovely mother called Anka. Unfortunately, as is the way with dogs, I was sent off to make my own way in the world when I was ten weeks old and have only ever corresponded with my father by email or letter. I know it sounds sad, but I landed on my paws and found myself in a lovely home with my master and mistress. This is of course a very brief précis of my life and if you really want the woof and the growl of it you’ll need to read through the back story. To make it easy I have brought a book out of the best of the first year which will take you up to the point when I became the leader of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party.

A portrait if my best side

This is me smiling for the camera

By origin I’m an Entlebucher Mountain Dog and originate from Switzerland. You’d think that would make me energetic and a lover of the great outdoors. Yeah right! I shattered that myth the first time I was asked to go to the toilet outside when it was raining. In fact that was a moment of great realisation for all of us. It was then I started to campaign for the rights of the underdog against the deprivation of being expected to use outside toilets without privacy or shelter.

Moving forward six years and the Pet Dogs Democratic Party is now run from North Yorkshire, where in campaigning for the minimum wage for working dogs and the working time directive to be applied to all dogs, I have been able to get close to many local dogs and listen to their concerns. Usually I try to listen from a good distance as they can get a little irate when I get in the way of their work.



By dint of long service, I was promoted to the position of Head of Pets, when first Shadow and later Megan came to join our pack. They are both breeding bitches and boy do you not want to be around when the hormones are flying in this house! Shadow is lovely, although it is perhaps no coincidence that one of her ancestors was called Bimbo. She’s very maternal, but there is not a whole lot going on between the ears. Megan on the other paw is as bright as they come and can give me a run for my money any day. Often the run is round and round the bush in the corner of the garden, but other times we do raise it to a more cerebral level and discuss some of the key dog issues, while chewing on raw hide. We are concerned about major topics such as care for the elderly, the free availability of education and not just obedience and of course the employment opportunities for the average dog.

Shadow had her first litter in September 2011 and as is the way of these things my

Aristotle and my Mistress

Mistress fell in love with one of the puppies and so at last I was given a pet of my own and I’m responsible for bringing up little Aristotle. It is a big responsibility for a dog to act as mentor to a puppy and to be fair we get into quite a bit of trouble along the way, but for better or worse we are now a four dog household and Aristotle is the youngest.

I am on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000641218809 and as with most dogs I’ll befriend anyone. I just need to give you a quick sniff and as long as you’ve not rolled in anything too unpleasant then you’re in.

Anyway, enough about me. How’ve you been?

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  2. paul says:

    hi mate love your site, great pictures of alfie. like his amazon favourites,
    i started a site myself all about dog,s and there toys. take a peek.
    my dogs levi he is a black lab loves rolling around in any puddle he should have been a fish not a dog, will bookmark your site and keep in touch great site…….cheers

  3. Your really cute alfie you have the same name as me but I am not a dog. I also have a few questions to ask you. What is your last name? My last name is pickard. How old are you? I am 8 years old I was born in 9th December 2004!

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  5. Inga says:

    Happy B-day Alfie!

  6. Lorraine Leivers says:

    This is great! I love reading about you. My name is Petzl and I am also an Entlebucher Mountain Dog. I live in Austria with an English Mistress and Master. Keep writing
    Woof x


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