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Friday 26th May 2017 – A better day

The weird thing about my bad days is that I have no idea why they occur. Wednesday wasn’t any different to the other days around it, but I didn’t feel right from when I got up to when I went […]

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Wednesday 24th May 2017 – A design flaw

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Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought that the purpose of a barrel was to hold liquid. Our Master and Mistress have a series of three barrels as a water feature on our back garden and there […]

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Tuesday 23rd May 2017 – With my own eyes!

I saw it yesterday so it isn’t just heresay. When I went out to the garden to go to the toilet at lunchtime, there, above our garden, just hovering, was a bird of prey. Our Mistress says she will need […]

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Friday 19th May 2017 – We’ve found another one

More to the point, another one has found us. An Entlebucher has recently moved to the UK with her family. She’s eighteen months old, but I think her human family are a bit older. Anyway, that means there are now […]

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Thursday 18th May 2017 – Enough of the rain

I blame our Mistress. There she was the other day saying the garden could do with a good shower of rain and it’s done nothing but rain ever since. I’m something of a fair weather dog, so I’m just grateful […]

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Wednesday 17th May 2017 – Now we are 5

The title could apply to the number of dogs currently in the house, but that wasn’t going to be my point. Apparently, I wasn’t supposed to tell you about moths yesterday, I was supposed to tell you that the short […]

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Tuesday 16th May 2017 – We are not alone

Today is going to be interesting. There is a dog coming to stay. His owner is coming too, but given I don’t cope with other dogs, I’m not really sure what to think. Our Mistress has promised she will take […]

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Friday 12th May 2017 – Some dogs have all the fun

Wilma is thoroughly enjoying building her travel website. She has just been adding another hotel in North Yorkshire that she has got very excited about. They even have a special menu for dogs to be able to choose what they […]

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Thursday 11th May 2017 – Tougher than they look

The pigeons are either tougher than they look or even more stupid. I think there are fewer of them and they haven’t been on the cherry tree, or in the trees above the summerhouse, but they have been sitting on […]

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Wednesday 10th May 2017 – The falcon has landed

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You wouldn’t think that getting Perry to sit on the summerhouse could be so difficult. I told you that he had had a screw inserted in his delicate posterior, well making a hole in the roof to attach him to […]

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