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Shadow’s Turn – Wednesday 14th March 2018

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Shadow’s Turn
Well it turns out it’s Shadow’s turn to be unwell. At the moment we have no idea of the cause, but before bed the night before last she decided to be sick. Not just a little bit sick after […]

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Infection – Tuesday 6th March 2018

On balance, Aristotle is delighted to find that all he has is an infection. Of course, he’s embarassed about it and fed up of all our jokes about how he might have got it, but at least he will be […]

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Feeling Glum – Sunday 4th March 2018

Feeling Glum
I’m not by nature a glum dog, but I am feeling glum today. I know Wilma shared with you the fact that I have a very sore part to my anatomy at the moment. I had to go for […]

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Back in the World

Back in the World
Hello everyone, it’s Alfie here. I’ve finished my Tramadol and I’m back in the world again. Oh it’s been strange. Even I could tell that mixing dementia with drugs that leave me a bit spaced out is […]

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Personal Problems – Monday 26th February 2018

Personal Problems
Aristotle doesn’t want me to tell you this as he says it’s embarassing, but he’s got to go to the vet because he’s sort and tender. He just describes it as having personal problems and covered his ears with […]

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The Swiss Adventure – Saturday 24th February 2018

The Swiss Adventure
We had our first taste of the Swiss Adventure last night. Our Master has been trying to see a number of his friends before he sets off. Last night our Mistress prepared a raclette for some of them. […]

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Switzerland – Thursday 22nd February 2018

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Oh I know you all want to know about Alfie but I have to tell you the exciting news first. Dad has a new job and he’s going to be working near where I was born in Switzerland. How exciting […]

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Teeth – Wednesday 21st February 2018

We have good news on Alfie. The vet found the cause of the abscess and it was his teeth. He has had to have at least one removed, which had a very deep root. His operation was quite late in […]

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Alfie’s MRI Scan – Tuesday 20th February 2018

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Alfie’s MRI Scan
Today’s the day. Mum got to the point where she cannot bear how miserable Alfie is so rang for an appointment for him. He has to go this morning and will have his MRI scan so they can […]

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Alfie’s Abscess – Saturday 17th February 2018

Alfie’s Abscess
Well a week has gone by since he came off his antibiotics and finally Alfie’s abscess looks as though it is coming back. The whole idea was that he would need his MRI scan on a convenient weekday. I […]

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