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Terrible Twos – Sunday 11th February 2018

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Wisdom of an Older Dog
Several Entlebucher puppies in the UK seem to be going through what humans dub the Terrible Twos stage. Having spotted my human giving advice to other humans on dealing with those puppies, I thought it only […]

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Wednesday 24th January 2018 – Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

There is rather more learning of German going on in our house than normal. Wilma is more than happy and joining in when she can, but the rest of us are struggling. Obviously I started life learning Flemish, but that’s […]

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Tuesday 9th January 2018 – Twiddling our paws

It’s going to be a twiddling paws sort of day, waiting to hear how Alfie has got on. Aristotle is going swimming so that will help take his mind off things, but I’m just sitting at home thinking about him. […]

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Sunday 3rd December 2017 – It’s a hard life

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“I need a photo of all your strategy games for the book, Aristotle. Please can you get them all out?” Well, who am I to argue with an offer like that. It made me realise I hadn’t played with them […]

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Thursday 22nd June 2017 – Thundery weather

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Our Mistress is not happy with us. If I’m being strictly honest, she was threatening to give us all away yesterday afternoon, but I don’t think she really meant it. You know what it’s like when it’s really sticky and […]

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Monday 12th June 2017 – I think I’m growing up

Mum thinks I may be growing up. This week when we’ve been for walks I haven’t wanted to run so far from her and have been very happy companionably trotting along by her side. She says it’s because I’m nearly […]

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Thursday 16th March 2016 – Wilma is pining

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Today Wilma is apart from our Mistress. It does not happen often and I don’t know which of them will be more sad. Wilma will be happy playing with other dogs for the day but our Mistress will have to […]

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Saturday 11th March 2017 – My highlights from yesterday

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Yesterday didn’t involve loads of traffic. What it did involve was going and meeting lots of dogs that I like the company of. I got really excited when I saw the Airedale stand and ran up to see if any […]

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Friday 3rd March 2017 – An exciting opportunity

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Do you ever wish you were the first to find out about the good things your dog might like and which could keep them safe? Well today we are hoping that we can help you with that. Today we’re going […]

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Monday 9th January 2017 – Lazy Days and Mondays

I’m not good with twiddling my paws, not that is unless I can do it sitting on top of Mum. I can do that for hours, but entertaining myself without the option of pouncing on her nose every so often […]

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