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Friday 20th October 2017 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback

Hello everyone, it’s Wilma here again. I love Friday as I get to delve back into the archive to find out what I’ve been missing all these years.
This made me laugh from 2008
There is some special attention that I can […]

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Friday 13th October 2017 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback

Oh I’ve missed you all. How have you been? You can’t know how happy I was to come home the other day. I have showered Mum and Dad with affection ever since. Oh don’t get me wrong, I love seeing […]

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Friday 6th October 2017 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback

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This isn’t technically Wilma here. I know it’s not fair at my age, but I’m having to work extra days as she’s in kennels. Anyway, it does give me chance to look back through my own archive to see what […]

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Tuesday 19th September 2017 – Happy birthday, Ari

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A very happy birthday to Aristotle, Arnie, Addie, Dora, Amigo, Rafa and Soggeli. I can’t believe it’s been six years since Shadow had her first litter of puppies. There was Ari, the tiny little runt of the litter and look […]

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Friday 15th September 2017 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback

It’s Friday so Alfie has the day off. He’s not feeling too good anyway, so a long weekend off work won’t do him any harm. I on the other paw feel fantastic and have recovered very well from my operation.
Anyway, […]

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Monday 19th September 2016 – Happy birthday Torfheide A Litter

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I want you all to join me singing happy birthday to Aristotle and all his brothers and sisters. They are five years old today. Shadow says she can’t believe five years have passed since that Monday morning when she finally […]

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Monday 25th January 2016 – Shadow’s Story

The first time Shadow had puppies, she travelled to Switzerland and met Rino and she and our Mistress were coming home. At Eurotunnel check-in for Shadow Our Mistress tried to check Shadow’s chip. She tried and tried but couldn’t get a reading. They […]

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Monday 12th October 2015 – A complete change of policy

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The weights are not good. It turns out that rationing the amount of formula that the puppies were having was a big mistake and the reason they wanted feeding more often was because they were hungry. D’Artagnan lost 10g taking […]

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Saturday 19th September 2015 – Happy birthday to me

I’d like to wish myself (Aristotle) a huge happy birthday and of course to Arnie, Addie, Rafa, Amigo, Soggi and Dora too. Today we are all four years old. That means it is four years since the first time that […]

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Friday 1st May 2015 – Genetics

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Sometimes it seems that genetics can have some odd things to answer for. In our house, Shadow and I go to bed when our humans go to bed. I sometimes try to persuade our Mistress to go earlier than she […]

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