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Wednesday 26th July 2017 – I like birthdays

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I know yesterday was only the second one I’ve had, but I can highly recommend birthdays. It was a lovely sunny day and we went up onto Dartmoor for my birthday ice cream. The road we took up there was […]

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Friday 21st July 2017 – Wilma looks back

It’s Friday again everyone, which means I get to look back to all the things Alfie has written about on this date over the last eleven years. I decided you might enjoy a little bit of his philosophy on conspiracy […]

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Thursday 20th July 2017 – Walking on lead

Aristotle and Shadow are fed up as they are having to have their walks on their leads at the moment. Normally, they trot along quite happily with our Mistress without being attached. Wilma, who knows no fear, and thinks nothing […]

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Wednesday 19th July 2017 – A shock for Wilma

Our Mistress has had a discussion with Wilma and explained some of her adult responsibilities. No longer can she claim puppy status and get away with things the way she used to do. Although there is still a little under […]

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Tuesday 18th July 2017 – How to drive a dog nuts

Our Mistress has found out how to drive us all mad. We live in a quiet place and most of the time we are undisturbed. That suits me and for that matter Shadow as well. Shadow sees it as her […]

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Friday 14th July 2017 – Wilma’s ‘Best of’

As Alfie doesn’t want to work on Friday’s I thought I’d go through all his past diary entries to bring you the ‘best of’ from that date in previous years. I won’t do that every week, at least not if […]

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Thursday 13th July 2017 – Why do some dogs howl?

In our household our vocal range is quite extensive. We chatter away in one way or another whether or not we have an audience. Our Mistress is thankful that only one of us really howls. However, it does raise the […]

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Wednesday 12th July 2017 – I’m old

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I think the verdict is that I’m old. Our vet took some blood to send away. I was a little upset as I’d tried telling her I needed all the blood I’ve got, but she still took some. She doesn’t […]

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Tuesday 11th July 2017 – That dog!

Wilma gets all the attention. She even gets invited to go when our Mistress has meetings to go to. Admittedly she is very good at sitting quietly by our Mistress’s feet and only speaking when spoken to, but it’s always […]

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Monday 10th July 2017 – Worrying about Alfie

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Mum is worrying about Alfie. He has become very very clingy and doesn’t really want her out of touching distance. He is needing to be cuddled all the time. He has said his neck doesn’t feel right and sometimes swallowing […]

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