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Thursday 17th January 2013 – Getting back to normal

If you can ever call our house ‘normal’ in some regards (and disregarding the influx of visitors) we are getting back to normal. My Mistress has threatened to clean the pen out naked, just because she can now that the […]

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Wednesday 16th January 2013 – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

You might think from the title that I had found something that tastes nice and in a manner of speaking I have, it’s just that it’s inside the keyboard and causing the m key to stick. My Mistress was having […]

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Tuesday 15th January 2013 – Caught in a whirlwind

There are some moments when everything moves so quickly that you just have to stop for breath. My Mistress spent ages over last weekend trying to take photos of Beija to show how much her tail curls. For most people […]

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Monday 14th January 2013 – Playing in the garden

The puppies had a great old time playing in the garden yesterday. The fact that they were down to three did nothing to dim their enthusiasm and Dickens was more than happy to try peeing on grass. When they are […]

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Sunday 13th January 2013 – The puppies are missing their brothers

I’ve never seen such a sad sight as yesterday morning. Dickens had decided to have some blanket time so he was in the other pen away from his sisters and Basil. The three of them are in a pen which […]

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Tuesday 8th January 2013 – Tess is being spoilt

You should hear my Mistress talking to little ‘Tessie’, not that I’m jealous you understand, but there she is pampering the little thing saying that if when she goes off to her humans she’s worried about anything then all she […]

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Monday 7th January 2013

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It is with great sadness I have to tell you that my old pal Guapo has died. Guapo was one of the first Entlebcuhers in the UK and was the eldest. He would have been 13 in May. We don’t […]

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Sunday 6th January 2013 – The tree has gone

Well the puppies’ tree was removed yesterday, much to their disappointment. I told them it wouldn’t be long before they could go outside more and spend time going from tree to tree, which to be honest is one of the […]

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Saturday 5th December 2013 – Tess is staying…for a few weeks!

Well dear little Tess had a lovely visit with her new humans yesterday. She did all the things we’d told her to and even remembered to ask to be put down when she needed the toilet. Everyone loved her but […]

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Friday 4th January 2013 – A Big Day for Tess

Tess is very nervous today. She’s going to be meeting her new potential owners for the first time. She asked if I thought they’d like her. What sort of question is that for a puppy to have to ask? She […]

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