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Thursday 27th October 2016 – An important day for Wilma

Today is an important day for Wilma. Two days ago she reached 15 months old and that means she is now old enough to have her hips x-rayed. You may wonder what on earth I’m talking about, but it’s all […]

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Thursday 20th October 2016 – Oh yes he is!

Actually the title should probably read ‘Oh yes SHE is!’ and I’m not talking about our Mistress. Those who have been reading my diary for a few years may have already realised we are back into pantomime rehearsal season again. […]

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Friday 14th October 2016 – Wilma was a big hit

Last night Wilma went to speak to a local Countrywomen’s Association Branch about developing our breed in the UK. She didn’t actually speak until towards the end, she let our Mistress do all the talking prior to that. She had […]

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Friday 9th September 2016 – It’s not fair

It’s Wilma here again and I’m fed up. It’s so hard being a girl. Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be anything else, but you get all excited about things and then your season starts and you […]

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Wednesday 7th September 2016 – My nephews (Wilma)

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Alfie is resting so said I could write about my nephews today. Alfie’s actually really out of sorts and finding things hard. I guess if your paw hurts it makes everything difficult.
Anyway, I had an email from Mama in Switzerland. […]

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Thursday 25th August 2016 – My nephews

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It’s Wilma here, I get to do an extra post to bring you news from my sister. She sent me a long comment yesterday and I wanted you all to see it and some pictures, so here is what she […]

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Sunday 21st August 2016 – Autumn is coming

Well, the weather isn’t getting any better. We did have a lovely walk yesterday, dodging the showers, but it all felt very much like autumn. At least the leaves are still on the trees, so it’s not feeling too bleak […]

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Thursday 9th June 2016 – The Birds and the Bees

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I’ve been trying to teach Wilma about the birds and the bees, or more to the point bringing it back to something she loves ‘the dandelions and the seeds’. We were out for a walk and saw Wilma’s favourite dandelions […]

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Thursday 19th May 2016 – A Day Out

Yesterday our Mistress went for a day out. She missed out on all the sunny days to choose a wet day for an outside day out. Perfect timing, not helped by getting Aristotle and Wilma walked before she went – […]

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Saturday 7th May 2016 – A bitter sweet day

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The girls are all a bit quiet today as you will understand when you hear about yesterday at the show. They were all very nervous and excited, but thankfully got there is plenty of time and were soon working out […]

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