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Saturday 21st October 2017 – Only trying to help

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Hello everyone, it’s Aristotle here today. You would not believe how ungrateful humans can be. My brother, Dickens was only trying to help bring in the delivery of dog food, but were his humans grateful? No they weren’t. What does […]

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Monday 20th March 2017 – Too many boys too little time

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Oh yesterday at Fun Day was lovely. I just love seeing my boyfriends. Of course Salvo isn’t really a boyfriend he’s more of a brother, but it was still great to see him. It was lovely to see Koppa and […]

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Monday 13th March 2017 – What a day!

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Oh yesterday was one of those days that I just don’t know where to start. Mum wore light trousers as in the ring we show up better against them. She knew that Basil’s mum was going to take us round […]

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Sunday 25th September 2016 – What a fun day

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Yesterday was the biggest fun day I’ve been to. I think there were about 17 of us altogether. It got off to a shaky start for me as I still had a bad tummy. We stayed in a hotel on […]

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Thursday 5th May 2016 – Getting Excited

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Wilma is getting excited about tomorrow. Shadow is taking it in her stride, or more accurately sticking her nose in the air and pretending it is beneath her. Secretly I think Shadow is quite excited too, but you never can […]

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Sunday 13th March 2016 – Well Done Basil

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I’m now home again and my Crufts experience for this year has come to an end, but what a day we had yesterday. I only had to be on the stand for an hour, so we spent some time going […]

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Sunday 6th March 2016 – Way to Go, Little Bro

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How much harder my little brother Dickens works than I do! He’s passed his silver good citizen award. Well done, Dickens. I didn’t get passed puppy, but that’s another story. Wilma is going to make up for it, although she’s […]

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Sunday 7th February 2016 – What an amazing day

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It’s Wilma here and yesterday was just amazing. Of course it was Shadow’s seventh birthday and we all sang happy birthday to her, but it was also the training of judges for our breed and I got to take part. […]

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Tuesday 2nd February 2016 – Win Free Tickets to Crufts

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It’s a good job one of us knows what’s going on. Wilma got so excited talking about mud yesterday that she forgot she was supposed to be launching her competition to win free tickets to Crufts. Crufts is one of […]

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Saturday 30th January 2016 – And the winner is…

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It’s Ari here again. Alfie’s fine, but he’s still taking the weekend off as normal. He says he’s planning to spend as much of the weekend as possible helping our Mistress in the kitchen! No prizes for guessing why. Anyway, […]

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