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Monday 24th July 2017 – Beach Party

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We had a wonderful day yesterday. The weather was great, so the humans were happy and I so enjoyed seeing some of my friends. Shadow was pleased to check how some of her children were doing and I was especially […]

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Monday 17th July 2017 – Holidays here I come

Oh I’m an excited dog. I know there are still a few days to go, but I just can’t wait to see all my friends on the beach next Sunday. I’m not particularly planning to go in the sea, not […]

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Sunday 25th September 2016 – What a fun day

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Yesterday was the biggest fun day I’ve been to. I think there were about 17 of us altogether. It got off to a shaky start for me as I still had a bad tummy. We stayed in a hotel on […]

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Sunday 17th July 2016 – Shadow can swim

It was a pawsome day yesterday. Absolutely amazing. We had to drive for about an hour to get to the beach and when we got to the car park it was a really steep walk down the steps, but I […]

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Thursday 14th July 2016 – one excited puppy

It’s Wilma here. I’m taking over for the next few days to tell you all about my adventures. Alfie is doing fine, he’s at home looking after Aristotle, but Shadow and I are going on our holidays. Ok, holidays is […]

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Saturday 30th January 2016 – And the winner is…

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It’s Ari here again. Alfie’s fine, but he’s still taking the weekend off as normal. He says he’s planning to spend as much of the weekend as possible helping our Mistress in the kitchen! No prizes for guessing why. Anyway, […]

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Monday 28th December – Reaching a Peak

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The flood waters should peak today and we hope they will start to go down. When I went for my walk yesterday I found myself up to my knees in water when I forgot to look where I was going. […]

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Thursday 8th October 2015 – Della is a clever girl

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At just 12 days old Della has worked out what to do to ask for more food if her mum hasn’t got enough milk. She is amazing. At the end of trying to get milk from Shadow she crawled straight […]

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Sunday 28th December 2014 – Happy Birthday C Litter

Aristotle here again.
A very happy birthday to Cinderella, Ellie (Cosette), Scout(Cuddles), Cracker, Otto (Chekov) and Otis (Casanova). It’s amazing to think you’re all a year old already and there’s our mum busy trying to make the next lot.
They had a […]

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Saturday 20th December 2014 – My Little Sister Cracker

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It’s Ari here again. I thought I’d tell you a little about my sister Cracker. She is the only one who ended up with a Christmassy name and I do hope she’s making the most of it at the moment. […]

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