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Friday 23rd May 2014 – A fair weather dieter

It is all very well our Mistress setting out to monitor her activity and what she is eating, but if on the first day it rains she doesn’t want to walk so far and feels like eating more we are […]

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Thursday 12 January 2012 – I admit it. I ate the bird food.

If you put me on a diet then of course I’m going to eat anything I find lying around. No, I don’t care that it was stale crusts waiting to go out for the birds. No, I have no scruples […]

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Tuesday 10th January 2012 – Paws for thought

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When Ari started life he was the smallest of the litter. His brothers and sisters were all
much bigger than he was. However, I have been conducting a detailed study of his paws and I don’t think he is going to […]

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Sunday 8th January 2012 – Torture by marmalade

Yesterday there was a highly successful walk where Ari got to go out with the girls. He wasn’t allowed to run through all the mud with them, but all three of them declared it a huge success and have slept […]

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Sunday 3rd July 2011 – Absent mindedness is a godsend

Sometimes you have to laugh and keep your own counsel. I think my Mistress is either under pressure or becoming senile, whichever it is, on this occasion I was the beneficiary. In a morning she normally puts our bowls in […]

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Wednesday 29th June 2011 – The Euro is flawed

This is what happens when you put a dog on a diet. I did warn them, but would they listen? James asked for his evening meal to be left on the side so he could come and get it when […]

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