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Friday 24th February 2017 – Enjoying the fuss

I’m having a lovely trip with lots of people fussing me. It’s funny, I really can never get enough of being spoilt. I can also never get enough carrot peelings, but Granny was more surprised about that. I don’t normally […]

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Wednesday 18th January 2017 – Missing Out

I know I get stressed if I go anywhere, but I am envious of Wilma. This weekend she’s off to see my grandparents and my girlfriend, all in the same weekend. I’d love to see my girlfriend, but I think […]

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Saturday 24th December 2016 – Happy Christmas from Wilma

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I heard from my nephew Ralph in the week. He’s settling in well and so far is being a very well behaved boy. I’m sure that will change. He sent me this lovely photo too. I wonder if he’s getting […]

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Thursday 17th November 2016 – Happy Birthday Grandpa

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Grandpa is 91 today, which makes him much older than me. He’s fitter than me too. Our Mistress says he’s fitter than she is and that his genes seem to have passed her by. Ah well. Anyway, Grandpa we all […]

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Tuesday 1st November 2016 – Wish me luck

Well, after weeks and weeks, I’m finally going swimming again. Our Mistress wants me to strengthen my back legs again as she’s worried that with lazing around I’ve lost some muscle tone. Honestly, at my age that’s really not something […]

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Sunday 9th October 2016 – Shadow is happy

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To be fair at the moment, Shadow is not just happy, she’s insufferably happy. When she was a puppy, she grew up being James’s dog. She’s very close to our Master, but since James moved out a few years ago […]

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Monday 12th September 2016 – You can have a portrait too!

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Hello everyone it’s a very excited Wilma here. At last I can show you my portrait. Isn’t it absolutely amazing? It has been done by a lovely friend of Mum’s called Andy. The best bit is this, he’s said that […]

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Friday 26th August 2016 – Granny is the best

When you’re old and a bit confused I can honestly say there is no better feeling than having your granny giving you her undivided attention when you ask for it. I wish she could stay a lot longer rather than […]

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Wednesday 24th August 2016 – Puddle Monster

After Wilma’s trip to the seaside and her unfortunate sea drinking incident, she rather went off getting her paws wet. It’s taken over a month for her to forget how upset she was, that and some torrential rain earlier in […]

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Monday 22nd August 2016 – Still off school

I’m fed up. I was hoping to go back to school today but I coughed yesterday and Mum said she would leave it until next week. She said she wouldn’t have taken me to the garden centre if she’d thought […]

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