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Sunday 10th September 2017 – I’m not a teenager but…

I’m in trouble. I know that is not unusual, but I can’t help being a fun loving kind of guy. Apparently, I’m now supposed to be mature and sensible, but quite honestly I rather prefer immature and irresponsible. I’m over […]

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Wednesday 30th August 2017 – Wilma does Bradgate Park

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Ok, so now I see what all the fuss was about. We had a pawsome time yesterday. I have never seen so many deer anywhere in my life. Actually, it’s probably more deer than I have seen altogether if I […]

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Thursday 29th June 2017 – Missing

We can only assume from the pile of blankets that our Mistress has gone into hibernation. She is certainly not willing to be out and about, but then to be fair, apart from Wilma neither are we. Wilma’s playdate with […]

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Saturday 24th June 2017 – A deep sigh

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Happy Saturday everyone, it’s Aristotle here.
Now I don’t often feel sorry for myself. I’ve had had elbows right from being a few months old and it’s just a fact of life. I don’t grumble and moan about it, I don’t […]

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Saturday 10th June 2017 – So happy to be home

Happy weekend everyone, it’s Aristotle here.
I am so happy to be back at home with our Mistress. Now don’t get me wrong I love the people at the kennels and I’m very happy there, but I miss my cuddles with […]

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Tuesday 30th May 2017 – Exciting times

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Never mind my trip, as I write this, Bella is in labour. So far she has had one rather small little girl and one big boy. We are waiting for further news. We are all sending them all very best […]

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Friday 24th February 2017 – Enjoying the fuss

I’m having a lovely trip with lots of people fussing me. It’s funny, I really can never get enough of being spoilt. I can also never get enough carrot peelings, but Granny was more surprised about that. I don’t normally […]

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Wednesday 18th January 2017 – Missing Out

I know I get stressed if I go anywhere, but I am envious of Wilma. This weekend she’s off to see my grandparents and my girlfriend, all in the same weekend. I’d love to see my girlfriend, but I think […]

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Saturday 24th December 2016 – Happy Christmas from Wilma

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I heard from my nephew Ralph in the week. He’s settling in well and so far is being a very well behaved boy. I’m sure that will change. He sent me this lovely photo too. I wonder if he’s getting […]

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Thursday 17th November 2016 – Happy Birthday Grandpa

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Grandpa is 91 today, which makes him much older than me. He’s fitter than me too. Our Mistress says he’s fitter than she is and that his genes seem to have passed her by. Ah well. Anyway, Grandpa we all […]

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