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Sunday 3rd December 2017 – It’s a hard life

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“I need a photo of all your strategy games for the book, Aristotle. Please can you get them all out?” Well, who am I to argue with an offer like that. It made me realise I hadn’t played with them […]

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Monday 12th June 2017 – I think I’m growing up

Mum thinks I may be growing up. This week when we’ve been for walks I haven’t wanted to run so far from her and have been very happy companionably trotting along by her side. She says it’s because I’m nearly […]

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Thursday 16th March 2016 – Wilma is pining

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Today Wilma is apart from our Mistress. It does not happen often and I don’t know which of them will be more sad. Wilma will be happy playing with other dogs for the day but our Mistress will have to […]

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Saturday 11th March 2017 – My highlights from yesterday

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Yesterday didn’t involve loads of traffic. What it did involve was going and meeting lots of dogs that I like the company of. I got really excited when I saw the Airedale stand and ran up to see if any […]

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Thursday 2nd March 2017 – A week to go

Wilma is becoming insufferable. There is now only a week until she will be at Crufts and she is one excited puppy. Our Mistress has been trying remind her, with some difficulty, of what she has to do when she […]

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Wednesday 11th January 2017 – Planning for Crufts

Crufts is now only two months away and the girls have gone into planning mode. Shadow says it’s enough for her to be in the show ring and she doesn’t need to do the stand at Discover Dogs. Wilma is […]

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Monday 9th January 2017 – Lazy Days and Mondays

I’m not good with twiddling my paws, not that is unless I can do it sitting on top of Mum. I can do that for hours, but entertaining myself without the option of pouncing on her nose every so often […]

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Sunday 8th January 2017 – The keys to the house

In my haste to tell you what Wilma gets up to, I forgot to tell you that after his bad day Alfie has been doing better again and is planning to be back with you on Tuesday as normal. Wilma […]

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Saturday 7th January 2017 – Not all sweetness and light

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Take no notice of whatever Wilma says to you about how good she is, she is a mischievous puppy. Oh don’t think I’m saying that’s a bad thing, in my book that’s how it’s supposed to be and I feel […]

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Monday 28 November 2016 – News on Heidi

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Heidi is going into the animal hospital today for her operation. She is going to have to stay in all week. We’re all sending her all our love and hoping that everything goes really well for her. Paws crossed for […]

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