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Wednesday 3rd May 2017 – An available Entlebucher puppy

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I thought I’d tell you about the lovely Marley who is looking for a home. He’s in Switzerland but could move here after he has his vaccinations. He did have a home to go to, but his poor human has […]

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Tuesday 2nd May 2017 – Very Proud of Dickens

We’re all very proud of Dickens, Shadow especially. He has passed his Gold Good Citizen Award. That’s really not an easy thing to do, you ask Shadow, although she puts not doing it down to having puppies. Anyway, we all […]

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Sunday 30th April 2017 – Stop the Pigeon

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Oh how wrong you were. We don’t have a hungry squirrel. We don’t have mice, rats, possums! or any other sort of mammal. Yes, possums was the suggestion when we searched the internet. Obviously it wasn’t taking into account that […]

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Friday 28th April 2017 – This is getting interesting

I think I told you about the cherry tree being eaten and it looking like we have a plague of locusts, well obviously it isn’t locusts but it is interesting. A close investigation has suggested it isn’t any sort of […]

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Saturday 15th April 2017 – Looking for a mate

It’s not me looking for a mate you understand, nor any of the others normally resident here. It’s Donald. In this case, the duck rather than the president. It’s the time of year when the village ducks pair up, select […]

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Tuesday 21st March 2017 – The best half of the year

Now I’m sorry if you live in the Southern Hemisphere or if you are one of those strange creatures who prefers winter, but I for one am waving a little flag to celebrate the passing of the Equinox. Oh the […]

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Wednesday 15th March 2017 – Nothing like a windy day

Windy days do not go down well in our house. If you live with dogs you may realise that we are more attuned to the weather than most humans. It’s not helped by our house facing west and getting the […]

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Sunday 19th February 2017 – A lovely Saturday

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I think I had my perfect Saturday. I spent the first couple of hours back in bed with our Mistress. She was working on the computer, but it was still nice to be cuddled up to her and then we […]

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Wednesday 25th January 2017 – Not so murderous now

For a long time we’ve had big problems with crows around here. We solved ours at the house by putting a fake owl on the porch, but where the others like going for a walk there was not so much […]

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Friday 13th January 2017 – The saddest sound

The saddest sound a dog can hear is the sound of a chain saw cutting down a tree. It breaks our hearts to think there is one less natural place to cock our legs and to sniff to find who […]

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