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Tuesday 25th July 2017 – Happy Birthday to Me!

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It’s my birthday. I’m two today. Happy birthday to my brothers and sisters too. I hope you all have lovely days. I think I may be going on a steam train today but I’m waiting to see what the weather […]

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Monday 24th July 2017 – Beach Party

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We had a wonderful day yesterday. The weather was great, so the humans were happy and I so enjoyed seeing some of my friends. Shadow was pleased to check how some of her children were doing and I was especially […]

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Sunday 23rd July 2017 – I don’t get Monopoly

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Yesterday it rained… and rained… and rained. We would have gone to Haytor if it had every stopped. Instead we had to make do with short walks in the rain and a very long and acrimonious game of Monopoly. Now […]

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Saturday 22nd July 2017 – Better weather

‘Let’s go to Devon,’ Mum said. ‘There’s better weather.’ Now, I don’t know where she was comparing it with, but if this is better I hate to think what she would think was worse. On the way down here we […]

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Friday 21st July 2017 – Wilma looks back

It’s Friday again everyone, which means I get to look back to all the things Alfie has written about on this date over the last eleven years. I decided you might enjoy a little bit of his philosophy on conspiracy […]

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Thursday 20th July 2017 – Walking on lead

Aristotle and Shadow are fed up as they are having to have their walks on their leads at the moment. Normally, they trot along quite happily with our Mistress without being attached. Wilma, who knows no fear, and thinks nothing […]

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Wednesday 19th July 2017 – A shock for Wilma

Our Mistress has had a discussion with Wilma and explained some of her adult responsibilities. No longer can she claim puppy status and get away with things the way she used to do. Although there is still a little under […]

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Tuesday 18th July 2017 – How to drive a dog nuts

Our Mistress has found out how to drive us all mad. We live in a quiet place and most of the time we are undisturbed. That suits me and for that matter Shadow as well. Shadow sees it as her […]

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Monday 17th July 2017 – Holidays here I come

Oh I’m an excited dog. I know there are still a few days to go, but I just can’t wait to see all my friends on the beach next Sunday. I’m not particularly planning to go in the sea, not […]

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Saturday 15th July 2017 – The girls are quite something

You have to acknowledge the female dogs in this household. They really are quite something. With Shadow it’s just that she is just so annoyingly happy. She takes smiling and bouncing to a whole new level. When they went for […]

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