Cornwall, England

Watergate Bay hotel, Watergate Bay -I loved this hotel so much it has everything a dog needs. The rooms are large so you could have fit four of me in our room I reckon! I was given my own bed, although I felt slightly inadequate as I think they thought I was a much larger mountain dog than I really am – the bed was huge! I also had my own bowls but no treats in the room, which I have become quite accustomed to. The best thing about this hotel is that it has steps down to the sandiest most lovely beach I think I have ever been to! It was really pawsome and I kept making excuses that I needed to powder my nose just so I could feel the sand beneath my paws. I made lots of friends as lots of other dogs were staying there too. Dogs are allowed in the bar and not only that, they have lovely sofas in there and I was allowed to curl up on one in the evening with my humans. I noticed through a window that there is an indoor pool but was quite disappointed that I wasn’t allowed to go and play in it, I had to stick to the beach. This hotel gets five bones as there weren’t any treats on offer either at reception or to welcome me when I got to the room. Cinders