West Midlands, England

Grimstock Country House, Coleshill

My rating and my human’s rating of this hotel are a little different. I liked it. I settled very happily in our room and liked the staff. There are really nice grounds where you can even have a run, which is great. The rooms and bathroom are big enough for your bed and bowl and there was a bin provided outside. Unfortunately, I was not allowed in any public areas including the bar, but that meant my human ate in our room, which I thought was a bonus as I could beg more easily. It is very near the NEC and I’d definitely stay there again.

Holiday Inn Express Birmingham NEC

This was great for us. There is a big car park with some grassy areas to walk that are not right by the roadside. There are plenty of dog bins and extra ones provided when there are a lot of us staying. The hotel itself had water bowls in public areas and had a large lounge where we could sit to join you for meals. The tables were well spaced out so even when there are a lot of us there it was still fine.

The rooms are big enough to put your bed without being stood on and there is room for your bowl in the bathroom. We did think given they are clearly very dog friendly that maybe given we are charged at £15 that it would be reasonable for them to leave a bed or blanket for us to us and provide us with a bowl. As long as you take your own bed and bowl you’ll be happy here. We give it four and a half bones.