Kyriad Design Enzo – Thionville – This hotel has a large car parking area with grass. It’s not far from major roads so don’t stray from your human. The rooms are large so there is plenty of space for your bed, but you will need to take both that and your food with you. The bathrooms also mean there is plenty of space for your water bowl. It’s not far off the motorway so if you want to cut down your time in the car when you’re travelling it’s quite useful for that. Definitely gets four bones from us.

Ibis Calais Tunnel sous la Manche – Coquelles – Obviously as a dog what we look for is not the same as the humans, but thankfully it’s often possible to find a good compromise. This hotel has a very large car park and there are grassy areas both in the car park and along the road outside. There are also plenty of bins. There is a seating area in reception where it is possible for your humans to get a drink or have their breakfast with you with them, but it is a busy area so if you feel the need to bark at people passing by this may not be for you. You will be made to feel welcome, but you won’t find anything provided, so take your own bed and food. However if you take your own blanket there is a bench in the room that is quite comfortable too. There is spare floor space for your bed, but the bathrooms are small so be careful your bowl doesn’t get in the way. We give it three bones.

Novotel Saint-Avold – This is a great hotel if you are travelling. It has a big car park and nice gardens to walk round. It makes it very easy when you need to stretch your legs. The rooms are large so plenty of room for your bed and in the bathroom for your bowl, but you will need to take your own. There are also good public areas where you can sit with your humans so you don’t have to be left out. If the weather’s nice there is also plenty of space to sit outside too. We give it four bones.

Auberge du Colombier -Guînes – This has some really good points if you are a dog and some not so good ones. It is near the Channel Tunnel if you are travelling, but is in the countryside so there are some much nicer place to walk than being around the shopping centre! It has a car park right outside and there are grassy areas around the hotel. Mum had some difficulty finding the bin but there was one in the end. The room didn’t have a lot of spare space for my bed, so it was a bit harder working around each other than we’d have liked. You need to take your own bed and bowl and be careful your water bowl does not get in the way. We were not allowed in the restaurant although there is somewhere nearby you can go, but that side of things was not great. We give it three bones.

Ibis Strasboug Sud la Vigie– Ostwald – Good and bad here. A good car park with some grass around and some bins, but they are sometimes full. The rooms are a good size so there is room for your bed and bowl but you do need to take them with you. On the downside we weren’t allowed in the restaurant so it is hard when your humans want to eat. Also we had one occasion, which we thought was funny, but our human not so much, where the night duty person had gone away from the desk and locked the door leaving us standing outside for twenty minutes. We give it two bones.

La Maison Rouge – Noeux Les Mines – This was a very nice hotel which even remembered to provide me with a bed. The room was big enough for my space too as was the bathroom for my bowl. I felt very welcome and was allowed in the lounge area. There is a good car park and you can walk around the edge of that to stay away from the road. There is a bin too. we give it four and half bones.

Auberge des Moissons – Matougues – We like this hotel a lot. The bedrooms are off an inner courtyard which makes it feel nice and safe and very easy if you need to go out in the night. There is also a special dog toilet area with bins to make it easy for you and your human. There are some nice field areas to walk around with quiet roads too. In the hotel the rooms are a good size so plenty of room for your bed and bowl, but remember to take them with you. We were allowed in some of the public areas so we could sit with our humans whilst they ate too. We give it four and a half bones.

Auberge des Moulins – Baume-les-Dames – Although the rooms are a good size and we were made very welcome, this hotel is right on the road. There is a car park but walking is mainly along the roadside and it’s really quite dark at times. There is a lovely terrace to sit with your human if the weather is good. Also it can be quite a long way through corridors to get to the main door when you need to nip out for a toilet break. We give it three bones.