Kent, England

Campanile, Dartford – This is good if you are travelling as it is not too far off route, so not too much extra in the car. There is a big car park and plenty of places to walk around, even though there is lots of road noise. There is plenty of grass and there are bins. The car park is well lit at night too. The rooms are not huge and nothing is provided, so take your own things. You can’t go in the restaurant and there are no other seating areas so it is a bit limited. We give it three bones.

Castle Hotel – Eynsford – A mixed review for this one. We were very welcome and there is a car park behind the hotel, with plenty of places to walk and a bin for waste. There were parts of the public areas we could be with our humans which was all good. However, our room didn’t have much spare floor space for a bed (which you need to take with you). It may not be the case for all rooms, but we found our humans constantly tripping over us which proved annoying to them and us alike. Otherwise it was good. We give it four bones.

New Flying Horse Inn – Wye – My humans really liked this hotel. There is a nice garden if I need to pop out late at night or early morning, and lots of nice places to exercise. There’s a large green and some nice footpaths nearby. I’m allowed in the restaurant and my humans said the food was great (although I wasn’t allowed anything). The room was small though and I needed my own bed and bowl. Also the neighbours were a bit noisy so I had to let them know with a good old roo! It’s very handy for Eurotunnel too, if you’ve a long way to travel and want to make an early start the next day! All in all, I’d say three bones! – Salvo