North Yorkshire, England

Cairn Hotel – Harrogate – For a town centre hotel this one has a surprising amount of space, with parking and lovely gardens for a dog to walk in. Although you won’t be allowed to go in the other public areas there is a special pet friendly area where you can relax and your humans can eat with you. The rooms are a good size so there is room for your bed and bowl, but do take them with you. You will get a biscuit at check in too, which is a nice touch. There are bins available for your human to clean up after you. Do be aware that cats and rabbits are also welcome to stay here with their humans, so no chasing! We give it an outline four bone rating.

The Kings Arms Hotel – Reeth – This is most definitely our kind of place. Dogs are welcome throughout and what’s more you get your own menu to choose from so you don’t need to feel left out. Water bowls are provided and where you order food it will of course also come in a bowl. Rooms vary in size so if you are concerned your bed will get in the way then make sure your humans check the room size. Your water bowl will be fine in the bathroom where there isn’t a suitable spot in the bedroom for it. Take your own bed, but if you need to then you can ask your human to request a blanket and bowl for you on their booking. There is a modest £5 charge for you to stay, which we really don’t mind when you’re this welcome. There is parking with dog bins and plenty of places to walk either just when you need the loo or when you drag your humans out for a stroll. This most definitely looks to us to be a five bone rated hotel.

The Castle Arms Inn – Snape, Bedale – We like the look of this so much we’re now begging our humans to take us. They welcome dogs and provide water bowls in public places. They will also provide a suitable bedspread if you insist on sleeping on the bed with your humans. There is car parking, so you’ll be fine waiting for your human if they need to leave you safe and there are plenty of places to walk and dog bins to let your humans clean up. You can eat with your humans in the bar area for dinner and breakfast as well as outside. Do make sure your humans are having breakfast there as there is a sausage for you as well. Make sure your human chooses a larger room if you are worried about space for your bed, but your bowl will be fine for not being tripped over. Your human needs to mention when booking as some rooms are kept as dog free for the odd guests who don’t want to share with you. There is a nightly charge of £10 for you staying, but when they make you seem this welcome that seems fair. There are also plenty of lovely places to walk around here so do get your humans to pack their walking shoes or boots. We have not stayed here (yet!) but we give it an outline five bone rating.