Tuesday 1st September 2015 – Shadow is resting

Our Mistress was worried about Shadow yesterday as she was bleeding very slightly. She made her spend the day resting and all seemed to be well, but our Mistress is keeping a very careful eye on her. Shadow is going with Ari today when he goes swimming so she can be weighed. Shadow was very pleased to see us home. She said she did enjoy having a restful weekend but the peace and quiet was starting to freak her out after a while. Our Mistress was very pleased to see us too, although she said when she dropped a tray with hot roast vegetables on the floor yesterday she did think it was better that we weren’t around to help her with it!

We really are into countdown mode now until the puppies arrive. Our Mistress is trying to get everything straight this week and then next week will start to make the preparations for Shadow’s maternity suite and the puppy pen for when they are a bit older. It means a fair amount of furniture moving so she likes to get it done in plenty of time.

0116ac527fe723b2675bd41c4acbbd0cec586e4f43This is the puppy house that the puppies can look forward to sleeping in when they get past about three weeks old. I think they’ll rather like it and it will give them the right sort of idea of being cattle dogs. I don’t suppose they will ever really get to go into a cow shed regularly but they can dream. I asked if it came in a larger size so that I could have one too. Unfortunately they seem to think when you grow up that you grow out of wanting fun things like that, which is a shame. Our Mistress says she has the same problem!

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