Wednesday 2nd September 2015 – Shadow is waddling

Oh it’s funny, Shadow looks as though she has been eating way too many pies. She is already waddling around and she has another three and a half weeks to go.  Our Mistress weighed her yesterday and she hasn’t increased since Thursday but that did include her being unwell for a day or so and off her food. She is doing fine otherwise.

Aristotle is going through a phase of having boundless energy and not knowing what to do with it all. He went swimming yesterday but still had as much energy afterwards as he started with, which was difficult as our Mistress wasn’t feeling too well and wanted a quiet day. Our Mistress is trying to catch up after the hectic weekend but as fast as she gets one thing done there seems to be something else demanding her attention. I’ve said I’ll take over the soup making duties with the new soup maker, but she doesn’t think that is such a good idea. Funnily enough she said the same about the sandwich press! She said she didn’t want me burning my paws but I think that might just have been an excuse. She has been turning all the left overs into soup so she can freeze it and have something easy to eat when she is busy with the puppies. I said if it was the waste she was worried about I’d happily eat any spare vegetables that were lying around. I was more distressed seeing perfectly good beef bones going to make stock instead of being given to the dog! While I’m on the subject, I would also like to complain about the fact that she did not save me a slice of birthday cake. Just wait until it’s my birthday and see if I offer her any of my cake!

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