Thursday 3rd September 2015 – Too quiet by far

Now there are not many people who would say this, but yesterday it was uncanny in our house as as it was too quiet and it unnerved our Mistress. Ok, so I’d been told off for shouting a couple of times first thing. I’d demanded breakfast at 6.30 when I’m not allowed to have it until 7 and then I wanted her to put Aristotle in the other room so I could have her all to myself, but once it had been explained to me in no uncertain terms that we were all going to sit in the office together I settled down. Usually our Mistress gets up from her desk to do other things at the points we all become unsettled and want a leg stretch. Yesterday that just didn’t happen and in the end she had to disturb the peace to go and have a shower rather than stay in her pyjamas all day. I’d just like to reassure you that that’s the joy of working from home, she hadn’t left the house in her pyjamas you understand!

I would like to reassure you that we made up for the morning with greater noise levels later in the day, but even then we weren’t too bad. Shadow is going for slightly shorter walks than normal as she is getting tired easily. She isn’t being allowed to run up and down stairs either but walk sedately when she does go up to bed or when she goes out from the office. Trying to get Shadow to do anything sedately is not easy and she’s never keen to have all four paws on the ground. It’s funny seeing her trying to clamber onto the settee there’s this whole extra undercarriage to wrestle up there with her. No wonder she’s finding it tiring getting around there’s rather more of her than usual. There could now be as little as three weeks until she gives birth although our Mistress thinks the Saturday is probably the most likely – either way it’s not long!

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